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Facilities Management is going digital

The world of Facilities Management (FM) is going digital - again. The last time we digitised it was mostly about generating, storing and sharing digital versions of our traditional documents and drawings. It was also about putting facility data into in-house databases. It was a driver of incremental efficiencies and… Read more

The three little BIM pigs

There once were three little pigs that wanted to build new houses for themselves. The pigs had heard that using BIM to design, build and operate their houses would do them well - 20% lower construction cost and 30% lower operations cost was to be expected. Before building their real… Read more

BIM for FM - Closer than yesterday

In his great article on the thinkBIM blog Paul Wilkinson make the case that BIM for FM is “still not quite there” despite there having been a big coordinated effort the last years and many standards, tools and guides have been made available. The main telltale signal for not having… Read more

BIM Soft Landings

In the space industry a “soft landing” is defined as a controlled landing of a spacecraft during which no serious damage is incurred. In the AEC industry a soft landing is a gradual and planned handover to make sure the building performs as expected as soon as possible Space and… Read more

IFC MVDs - out of the mist to bridge the BIM gaps

This article aims to clarify the differences and relationships between the IFC schema, IFC MVDs and IFC files. We will use similar concepts from the “books and library” domain to exemplify and compare to our AEC domain. If you are on either side of an “information exchange requirement” this distinction… Read more

BIM Interoperability - is the industry sailing under false colors?

It has been an interesting week for interoperability in the BIM world. Three of the dominant players have made public statements on their strategy for BIM interoperability. Autodesk and Trimble issued a joint press release announcing an agreement to increase interoperability for customers to gain flexibility throughout the BIM project… Read more

BIM Execution Plan for pre-Operation Phase

Development of BIM Execution Plan for BIM Model Management during the Pre-Operation Phase:A Case Study - Yu-Cheng Lin et al. Buildings 2016 Background and introducution to the study More and more projects are designed and built with the support of BIM tools and BIM processes. As a natural progression… Read more

The BIM hero's journey

"Far far away i saw something shimmering". I want to tell you a story. A story of a hero. Our hero is a built asset owner and he is about to embark upon a BIM journey. The story is about the trials and tribulations our BIM hero have to go… Read more

BIM Classification - Giving your models some Class

What role will classification play in lifecycle BIM? Is it important for AEC project collaboration? Is it important for Asset Information Management? Will it help bridge the gap between the two? Opinions around classification varies a lot. Having models with classification can have high value or can seem totally useless.… Read more

BIM and CAFM - best friends forever?

Operational efficiencies is supposed to be the holy grail of BIM. It is still early days however. In the recent NBS BIM survey only 16% of the respondents said that models in their project were handed over. In this article we will look at how CAFM can play a part… Read more