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BIM objects - in the asset lifecycle

“Product quality matters - also in the digital world” If BIM is virtual construction then BIM objects are virtual products and virtual building materials you bring to the construction site. You cannot build anything without materials and products. In this article we will describe what BIM objects are and why… Read more

BIM requirements

Several building owners now require BIM to be used in their construction projects. More and more owners also require the models to be handed over at the end of the project. But what do “requiring BIM” really mean? How and when do you require it from whom? How do you… Read more

Model checking for BIM FM - How we check your models

"Our model checking wizard take you through the items to inspect..." In this article we will share how we check BIM models pre-handover to evaluate their suitability for operations use. We will try to answer the question “are these project information models on their way to becoming a good “Asset… Read more

What is COBie and how is it (building)SMART

COBie is an international standard for building data exchange. Its most common use is in product data handover from construction to operations. The COBie specifications and guidelines capture industry knowledge and best practices. The COBie standards do not dictate what information is required for a specific project handover. That responsibility… Read more

What is IFC and what do you need to know about it?

IFC is a global standard for data exchange in the building industries. IFC is both a common data model and an open file format. Building industry professionals can use IFC to share data regardless of what software application they use to get their job done. Similarly data from one phase… Read more

Interoperability in the AECO industry

The software vendors and government officials seem to agree. The AECO industry is finally positioned for a drastic productivity boost. Some notable examples: The “Digital Built Britain” initiative run by the UK government are aiming to save up to 33% of whole life cost. The main enabler of the boost… Read more

Welcome Ana

We are excited to introduce the newest addition to the Areo team - Ana Moural. Ana joins the team to help us improve the Areo customer experience by improving product design, product quality and the total experience of using Areo. Prior to joining us Ana worked on visualization and interaction… Read more

Bim for facility managers and owners - Space management

This week we will look at how BIM fits in with the traditional FM process space management. Managing space is an important part of facility management. Space needs and space usage are usually dynamic based on the ever changing needs of the organizations. In addition to keeping track of the… Read more

BIM for facility managers and owners - mobile data collection

This week in our series on BIM for facility managers and owners we will cover mobile data collection. We will cover both planned building surveys and ad-hoc snag-reporting. Mobile data collection is an important activity tightly integrated with many lifecycle BIM processes - maintenance planning, work order management and asset… Read more

BIM for facility managers and owners - Construction handover

Following our introduction to BIM for facility managers and owners we will start a series of posts to discuss common processes that make up "lifecycle BIM". We will keep our focus on the owner and facility manager. Our first process is construction handover. Why contruction handover is important for lifecycle… Read more