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The BIM hero's journey

"Far far away i saw something shimmering". I want to tell you a story. A story of a hero. Our hero is a built asset owner and he is about to embark upon a BIM journey. The story is about the trials and tribulations our BIM hero have to go… Read more


Bright future or dark clouds ahead? For the market to embrace BIM there needs to be standards. Either open standards that the community embraces or de-facto standards that the market accepts. In this article we will cover the term openBIM and see how it is used in an AEC interoperability… Read more

BIM Levels and Asset Information Management

BIM (modelling) is the process of generating and managing virtual intelligent representations of buildings-to-be or buildings-as-operated. The BIMs (models) needs to be exchanged, networked or otherwise integrated to support decision making in the AECO processes. For BIM to realize its full potential both the processes and the tools of the… Read more

BIM requirements

Several building owners now require BIM to be used in their construction projects. More and more owners also require the models to be handed over at the end of the project. But what do “requiring BIM” really mean? How and when do you require it from whom? How do you… Read more