Welcome Paulina

A big welcome to Paulina Zientarska, our newest member of the engineering team. Paulina will help us build out the Areo platform to become the building data repository of the future.

Paulina has a Master in Computer Science from the University of Science and Technology in Cracow, Poland. Before Areo Paulina worked on multiple applications for reservoir modelling in the Oil and Gas sector for Schlumberger Information Solutions and GeoKnowledge. Paulina also has experience from large scale data migrations.

Paulina is a strong believer in teamwork, code readability and testing. She likes async programming, functional programming, algorithms and learning new things. She also likes movies, skiing and dancing.

Paulina joined the team april 1st and is already on her way to make Areo more complete, performant, scalable and bug-free.

Paulina joins Areo